Da un piccolo vigneto a Imperia, una grande storia. Di un sogno realizzato, della forza dell'amore.

Pigato in its soul.

A modest vineyard in Liguria's Imperia yields an impressive historical achievement linked to the local pigato grape variety, produced for the first time in six unusual versions, one of which is the very first sparkling wine made exclusively from that grape, the Metodo Classico Millesimato 2009. VisAmoris is the offspring of passion for a harsh but generous corner of earth, Liguria, Imperia. The dream seemed also a challenge: produce a unique wine from a special area that would marry together colours, flavours, fragrances, emotions...

From a small vineyard in Imperia of 2,500 sq.m. on 3 levels, some 3 km from the sea, assisted by celebrated winemaker Giuliano Noè and talen-ted agronomist Piero Roseo, both passionate supporters of the project, was born in 2004 the first pigato wine: VisAmoris Domè.

The first results were very encouraging and spurred us on. We gradually purchased small parcels of land abandoned for over 30 years, but always in the same area, since we wanted to develop the full potential of one terroir.

  • visamoris: terreni

    I terreni

    Planting was not at all easy: uncultivated fields, dry-wall fences to re-build...

  • visamoris: vitigno

    Il vitigno

    But with great stubornness we succeeded and today we have some 3 and a half hectares of grapes: ONLY PIGATO.

  • visamoris: lavoro

    Il lavoro

    Vineyard operations are almost entirely by hand. We respect nature and so use no herbicides: this season is a marvel of flowers, scents, colours, and butterflies...

  • visamoris: attrezzature

    Le attrezzature

    The cellar boasts the finest technology for white-wine production and uses controlled temperatures at every step. Only estate-grown grapes are used; they are gently pressed, and only the free-run juice is utilised.

We had full faith in the high-quality potential of this indigenous Ligurian grape, and thanks to passionate commitment, the desire to experiment (under the vigilant eye of Giuliano NoŹ), and a soupćon of rashness, we have successfully developed a full six different styles of pigato. Tasting these wines, one covers a surprising and intriguing array of styles, each wine, each time arousing intense emotions.

This, then, is VisAmoris: the power of love in turning a dream into reality. A dream obtained with so much passion and determination, a dream that we are proud today to share with those who cherish the fine things that only love can bring forth.

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Az.Agricola VisAmoris - Strada Privata Molino Javè, 23 - 18100 Imperia Cantina: strada per Vasia 1 (50 mt dopo bivio per Dolcedo)

Roberto Tozzi +39 3483959569 e mail: visamoris@libero.it