From a small Vinegnard In Imperia, a big dream.

The love for a sour but generous land; a dream that seemed a challenge; to produce an exceptional wine from a special land; the opportunity to combine colours, flavours, fragrances and the emotions to produce only Pigato; expressing all the qualities and the versatilities.

From a small 2500sqm vineyard in Imperia, arranged on three partitions of land, 3km inland, with the support of a great oenologist (Giuliano Noè) and an expert agronomist (Piero Roseo), both passionate about our project and now have grown to become great friends of Vis Amoris.
Our first Pigato was born, in 2004: Domè. The first results were extremely encouraging and pushed us to continue in our quest for a special product. Since, we have continued to expand our land, utilising small plots which had been previously abandoned for over 30 years; enhancing and enriching the terroir with our beautiful grape.

We decided to plant only Pigato, because we believe in the extraordinary potential of this autochthonous vine of the Ligurian Riviera di Ponente. The plantation was not so easy: uncultivated land, and dry stone walls to restore. However, with great tenacity, we succeeded, and today we have about 3 and a half hectares of vineyards. The work in the vineyard is almost completely manual; we do not use herbicides, respecting the nature and terroir. In 2008 we created our cellar, where we vinify all our Pigato Wines: creating 7 different variations.

Tasting them you can follow a fascinating and surprising journey, which makes us move every time. The precious and accurate work in the vineyard and in cellar is also carried out thanks to the help of Claudia Di Blasi and Gianni Briatore.

This is VisAmoris: the strength of our love to realize our dream. A dream achieved with so much passion and determination, which today we are proud to share with those who are able to appreciate the good things that only love can achieve.

We are VisAmoris!